a scholarship opportunity for our hispanic students

We foster the ideal that any of our students can succeed with the right academic, social, (and for some) financial support. In association with the Adelante Hispanic Achievers of Louisville and our celebration of diversity, we are excited to offer a four-year, full tuition scholarship to a deserving Adelante Achiever applying for enrollment in Walden’s High School program.


An adelante diversity scholar…

• Represents the Core Values of Walden: a curiosity for learning, willingness to form partnerships in a community of families, students and faculty, respect for academic and culture differences of others, and undertakes the responsibility of being a compassionate, global citizen

• Demonstrates an excellent commitment to their academics, exemplified by a high GPA or standardized test score(s), display of fine art or athletic talents, active involvement in extracurriculars, leadership roles, etc.

• Participates in volunteer work (in and outside of school) with a compassionate attitude for helping others and lending their services to the improvement of their community

• Is an Adelante Hispanic Achiever (a prospective 9th Grade student) with intentions to graduate from Walden on a four-year track



9th Grade applicants who are part of the Adelante Hispanic Achievers program are automatically considered for the scholarship. Basis for scholarship consideration include academic, extracurricular, personal and volunteer achievements. If you’re interested in applying for this scholarship, please fill out the brief information form below.


Adelante Diversity Scholarship

Please submit the following form if you are interested in applying


About AdelantE

If you are currently not an Adelante Achiever, we encourage our students of Hispanic descent to join the fantastic program!

Adelante is a non-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky devoted to empowering our Hispanic youth. We serve our students by engaging them and their parents in long-term academic, mentoring, and personal enrichment programs. We believe that with proper guidance and support, every student can achieve. Our programs and activities are designed around this concept and provide personal, educational, cultural and social development.