Executive Committee

Fifteen individuals serve on the Walden School Board of Trustees. They include parents, former parents, alumni and community volunteers. The Trustees bring functional expertise – advancement, marketing, finance, architecture and construction, legal and operational.

jim Littlefield-Dalmares, CHAIR

  • Trustee since 2013

  • Chair, Advancement Committee, Committee on Trustees and Strategic Vision Committee

  • Member of Booster Club

  • Parent of Sophia (Class of 2018) and Peter (Class of 2021)

  • Area Managing Director, BNI

  • Marketing Director, My Ideal Life

Jim Hunter, Vice Chair

  • Trustee since 1993

  • Member of the Advancement Committee

  • Past Board Chair, 2000-2003

  • Spouse Lizanne – former Walden faculty member

  • Parent of two former students

  • Ph.D. in Religious Studies

  • Instructor at University of Louisville

  • Senior Partner at MainStreet Wealth Management

Lisa Piercy Pitchford, Treasurer

  • Trustee since 2015

  • Chair of Finance Committee

  • Parent Ambassador Advancement Committee

  • Treasurer Walden Parent Association

  • Member of Walden Auction Committee (2014-2016)

  • Parent of Jack (Class of 2018)

  • Retired Manager of HR and Accounting; The Data Vault and Republic National Dist.

Margie Savoye, secretary

  • Trustee since 2017

  • Member of the Advancement Committee

  • Former Development & Admission Director at College and K-12 Schools

  • Owner, Savoye College and School Advising, LLC



Alex Alvarez

  • Trustee since 2015

  • Chair of Diversity Committee

  • Parent of Annika (Class of 2017) and Alyssa (Class of 2021)

  • Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer for Brown-Forman Corp.

Theresa Beames

Danny Bower

  • Alumni, Class of 1990

  • Trustee since 2016

  • Member of Campus Planning Committee

  • Parent of Daniel (Class of 2023) and Charllotte (Class of 2030)

  • VP of Technology, Papercone Corporation

  • Entrepreneurial MBA UofL Business School 2009

Holly Kristina Bracco

  • Trustee since 2015

  • Member of Finance Committee

  • Parent of Payden (Class of 2021) and Riley (Class of 2025)

  • 20 years in healthcare administration/finance

  • Service Center Operations Business Partner for Medsynergies

Kristie Durst Goodwin

  • Trustee since 2015

  • Member of Advancement Committee

  • Member of Walden Auction Committee (2015)

  • Parent of Todd (Class of 2027) and Sallie (Class of 2029)

  • PhD in Biochemistry

Mina Khalil

Shelley Kinslow

  • Former Board Chair

  • Trustee since 2006-2014; 2015

  • Past Board Vice Chair and Secretary

  • Past Vice President, Walden Parent Association

  • Former Chair of Auction Committee

  • Parent of Alexis and Ian (Class of 2016)

  • Former Chief Operating Officer, Franchise Travel Company

  • Former Executive Director, ATM Industry Association

Michael Allen Leonberger

  • Trustee since 2013

  • Member of Finance Committee

  • Parent of Ben (Class of 2022)

  • Portfolio Manager Invesco Fixed Income

Carol B. McKey

  • Trustee since 2018

  • Member Campus Planning Committee

  • Director, Morrisson-Reeves Library, Richmond, IN (retired)

  • Former Chair, Wayne County, IN, Foundation Board of Directors

  • Former Member, First Bank Richmond, NA, Board of Directors

  • Co-Chair, Capital Campaign, COPE Environmental Center, Centerville, IN

  • Graduate Butler University & Dominican University

Vidya Ravichandran

  • Trustee since 2008-2014, 2015

  • Member of Advancement Committee, Diversity Committee, Head of School Search Committee

  • Parent of Anika (Class of 2027)

  • President, GlowTouch Technologies

Elliott Rounsavall

  • Trustee since 2016

  • Chair Campus Planning Committee

  • Parent of Lily (Class of 2026)

  • Director of Digital Production at Bent Media LLC

 Robert Wagner

  • Trustee since 2018

  • Member Campus Planning Committee

  • Parent of Andrew (2020) and John Martin (2022)

  • Of Counsel, Duncan Galloway Egan Greenwald, PLLC

Dwight Young

  • Trustee since 2017

  • Member of the Finance Committee

  • Attorney, Stites and Harbison, PLLC

Brooks Bower, Board Emeritus


Board Committees

Academic Administration

Walden School strives to provide a challenging academic program across all grade levels with small class sizes and instruction tailored to the individual needs of each student that will prepare each studentfor the future and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.  Walden’s excellent faculty and staff are committed to the needs of Walden’s students and families. Walden School strives to create a culture of community among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families. Walden encourages each constituent group to provide service to the community-at-large.


Walden School seeks to increase its enrollment while maintaining its core values in order to meet and exceed the academic, social and athletic needs and expectations of Walden’s students and families.  Walden School seeks to diversify its fundraising activities and resources by engaging Walden’s families, alumni and community.

Campus Planning

Walden School campus should reflect the high quality of Walden’s students, facility and families.  The campus should provide excellent academic, social and athletic facilities which utilize current technology.

COmmittee on Trustees

This committee is responsible for identifying the expertise required to support Walden’s mission and goals and recruiting persons with those skills to serve as trustees.


Walden School seeks to foster a community of inclusion that respects, celebrates, and compassionately embraces the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, socioeconomic, and personal diversity of each member of the Walden family.  Walden strives to promote cultural competency and understanding through its curriculum, instruction, program, and community outreach. All members of the Walden community are responsible for working to create a school culture that values honest and open dialogue, mutual respect, and acceptance of different values and beliefs.


Walden School seeks to maintain a predictable and stable financial condition utilizing fiscally responsible budgets, policies and procedures.  The tuition rates for Walden’s students shall be competitive with Walden’s peer institutions and commensurate with the quality of the school.