Together, we'll get a great start!

We believe small classes benefit all of our students - but the benefits are especially valuable for those who are in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. Substantial research supports that positive and meaningful experiences in those grades set a child up for a lifetime of high academic achievement! Our curriculum is challenging and engaging, and our homework is purposeful and age-appropriate. 

Regular classroom teachers focus on the basics: Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies. But we also want our students to be well-rounded, so every Lower School student studies Music, Art, Science, Spanish and Physical Education twice a week with teachers who are specialists in those subjects. Students also visit the library and computer labs once a week for instruction.




Fine Arts Program


It is in young minds that creativity and curiosity begin to grow. I strongly believe our Lower School program creates the path for discovering these values inherently dormant in each child. We help students take the first step to a successful education, awakening and nurturing a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning.
— Kelly Von Busch, Lower School Director

Lower School Highlights

Our students and their families are offered the best resources to have a fulfilling educational experience. In addition to our small classroom sizes, we improve learning standards by providing the fun essentials: opportunities to play, eat healthy, socially bond with fellow classmates and participate in engaging extracurricular activities.



Lower School Hours

School hours reflect an agenda that promotes time for both classroom learning and involvement in personal academic and social activities. Friday hours are shortened to accommodate studying, after-school assistance and attendance for clubs or athletics.

8:00am - 2:45pm

8:00am - 12:45pm


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