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At Walden School, we understand and support the learning needs of our diverse student body. Our Student Support Services program is designed to help each student achieve their true potential through a carefully crafted plan of learning. Organized by Director of Student Support Services, Kim Sorise, an individualized, careful support plan is developed for each student within the program.


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Student support plans

Student Support Plans can range from specific classroom accommodations to more generalized learning goals. Student Support Services also provides students with the opportunity for tutoring and organizational assistance, as well as special standardized testing accommodations if they qualify. With the additional support that Walden’s Student Support Services can provide each student can thrive.

Walden supports a wide variety of classroom accommodations including:

Preferential seating in classes to maintain focus

Extra time on tests and projects

Private testing to maintain focus and reduce anxiety

Chunking or breaking large amounts of material into more manageable and time effective pieces

Supplementary class notes provided by teacher to support the understanding of new material

Use of audio books and texts

Record lectures or take pictures of manipulated presentations

Multimodal teaching approach to support our visual, kinesthetic, and verbal learners


middle School

At the Middle School level, classroom, assignment, or test-based accommodations and modifications must be in writing. For a student to receive extra time on standardized tests like the Stanford test or ACT, a student must have a school-based plan in place. Many schools call these plans 504s or IEPs, but at Walden, we use an individualized Student Support Plan to meet the needs of the whole child.

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What to Expect

In building the Student Support Plan, the recommendations provided on each student's Psychological and Educational Evaluation are followed, as well as any additional strategies that are helpful to keeping students on track.

Prior to the school year, the Student Support Center Director will meet with each student and parent to explain the plan as well as make any needed changes. During the school year, students also have regular meetings to help build the self-advocacy component of the program, as well as utilizing strategies for combating inattentiveness, impulsivity, and ADHD/ADD symptoms; building executive functioning skills; techniques for building up slow processing and working memory; diminishing social and test anxieties; as well as employing time management, organizational, and study skill to keep students working smarter rather than harder.


Psychological/EducationAL Evaluation

If your child has had or currently has a Psychological/Educational Evaluation, please provide it to the Director of Student Academic Support Services, Kim Sorise, at your earliest convenience, so that she may begin the process of crafting your child's Student Support Plan.

If the Psychological/ Educational Evaluation is older than 4 years, please consider making an appointment to have you child retested.




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KIM SORISE  DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES • GRADES 5-12   B.F.P.A. Journalism  • Wayne State University  M.A.T.  • Bellarmine University


B.F.P.A. Journalism • Wayne State University
M.A.T. • Bellarmine University

Meet the director

Kim Sorise, Director of Student Academic Support Services, is excited to help all students reach their full potential; both socially and academically. The first step for any student to be a part of the Student Support Services program is to have an up-to-date comprehensive Psychological / Educational Evaluation of the student’s strengths and differences. For more information or to begin the process of utilizing Student Support Services, please email Ms. Sorise.