In partnership with families, Walden School provides an educational environment - both academic and social - that fosters a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and challenges individual students to reach their full potential so they may flourish in a diverse and changing world.


Our Strategic Vision

Listed below you will find Walden’s four overarching, strategic goals and their corresponding strategies; these goals outline the future of our school’s development. Their implementation signifies the progressive evolution of Walden’s educational mission and institutional growth.


Strategic Goals and Strategies


1. fiscal responsibility

Provide fiscal responsibility by ensuring a balanced budget that supports both short and long-term operations as well as funding for strategic priorities


2. Educational philosophy

Lead the evolution, strengthening, and honing our educational philosophy and curriculum


3. Supportive facility

Provide for a facility that supports collaboration, safety, essential technology, comfortable surroundings, and excellence in learning


4. work environment

Create an exemplary work environment by identifying, developing, supporting and retaining highly competent and nurturing educational professionals


5. multiculturalism & INCLUSIVITY

Implement initiatives that further promote multiculturalism and inclusivity


Why Walden

At Walden, academic, cultural, and religious differences are acknowledged, respected, and celebrated. We give students the knowledge, skills and values to succeed and accept responsibility in their lives. In partnership with families, Walden fosters academic and intellectual development, complemented by a focus for moral, physical and psychological growth. Development in these areas is necessary to play an effective role in today’s multicultural society.

Walden School is designed to accommodate the different rates of growth in students by providing small classes, a carefully planned and frequently reviewed college preparatory curriculum, and professional excellence in the faculty. Our unique and individualized educational experience is designed to nourish all aspects of a student’s educational and personal growth.


Our focus on diversity


Respect, celebration and inclusion

Walden School seeks to foster a community of inclusion that respects, celebrates, and compassionately embraces culture, ethnicity, race, religion, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ, and the personal diversity of each member of the Walden family. Walden strives to promote cultural competency and understanding through its curriculum, instruction, programming, and community outreach.

Students at Walden embrace curiosity. They seek not only to discover themselves but seek out other perspectives...our diversity nurtures worldly compassion and understanding.
— Alison Tyler, Head of School

Percentage of diverse ethnicities in each grade

Lower School

Middle School

High School

The above charts include the percentage of diverse ethnicities in each grade. Ethnicities include Latino/Hispanic, African, Asian, Indigenous peoples, Middle Eastern, Multiracial and Pacific Islander.


Families Come First


At Walden our doors are always open to our families. we encourage a high level of involvement between students, parents and faculty; open dialogue is integral to our school mission. 



During the 2013-14 school year, our K-12 students drafted a Compassion Resolution in response to an invitation from Compassionate Louisville, in support of Louisville’s commitment to the Compassionate Cities Movement. After submission to the mayor’s office, Walden officially became a “compassionate school” and among the first one hundred institutions locally to partner with the city in this progressive effort.


Our story began in 1975



Since Walden School’s founding in 1975, there has been a strong emphasis on small class size and a strong fine arts education, to complement a rigorous curriculum grounded in critical thinking.


The Future of Walden

We're always striving for innovation and improving the educational experience of our students. Our Board of Trustees are key players in helping create and fulfill visions for development. The Capital Campaign: Campus 2025 is one of the significant, visionary projects that will transform Walden over the next eight years during an extensive campus revitalization phase.



The Board is a forward-looking body focused on setting the mission, vision and strategic plan and for providing a roadmap for financial stability and enrollment growth in the future development of Walden.

See List of Board Members



Campus 2025

The Capital Campaign: Campus 2025 project is an ongoing initiative over the next eight years that will have resonating effects, ultimately transforming Walden into a modern, unprecedented model for progressive learning and campus design.