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Walden recognizes that Middle School students are in transition. For that reason, we begin Middle School with the 5th grade. We see that year as an extra opportunity to gradually transition your student from the single, self-contained lower school classroom to the more departmentalized subject-area classroom setting. At that age, they are ready for more independence, and the additional guidance they receive as Middle School students will help prepare them for the rigors of Walden High School’s college-preparatory program. In addition to an emphasis on S.T.E.M. coursework, Walden has vibrant fine arts class offerings for Middle Schoolers. The band and choir programs offer district, regional, and state-level opportunities for academic competition; students in our studio art program consistently win accolades in Scholastic Art competitions. While Middle School is certainly a time for transition, we do not place limits on academic endeavors, but challenge our students to start honing their individual skills and instilling the value of responsibility in both their coursework and extracurricular involvement. 




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We don’t take shortcuts. Through our teaching methodology, we carefully note every child’s progress; a positive educational experience reflects in improved coursework and personal development. This definitely shows in Walden Middle Schoolers. Our students’ grades, extracurricular involvement and passion for learning speaks volumes about how well our faculty and curriculum prepare the students for High School.
— Linda Kunz, Middle School Director


The Middle School faculty works as a team, emphasizing the cross-curricular relationships among the academic subject areas.  Middle School students also receive the benefits from "looping," the practice of having the same teacher for the same subject for two or more consecutive years.  By working together for consecutive school years, teachers and students can develop a bond of trust and stability to explore content more deeply. This in-depth understanding of curriculum for teachers and content for students maximizes instructional time and provides differentiation and/or enrichment based on the needs of each student. Looping, coupled with small classes, ensures students receive a high level of individual attention that provides many academic as well as emotional benefits.  Walden eighth grade graduates demonstrate confidence and maturity that prepare them for the challenges of high school.  

The Middle School faculty utilizes wireless computers and Smart Boards that are interactive with student devices; laptops, tablets, etc. Each 8th Grade student is required to bring his or her own device to utilize this system which allows access to a wealth of educational resources. In line with a modern, technologically advancing world, class notes and lessons can be stored, information transmitted and homework and tests can be web based.



MiDDLE School Highlights

Our students and their families are offered the best resources to have a fulfilling educational experience. In addition to a holistic curriculum, we improve learning standards by providing the best developmental essentials: opportunities to eat healthy, socially bond with fellow classmates, engage in outside academic competitions and become involved with their community.



MIDDLE School Hours

School hours reflect an agenda that promotes time for both classroom learning and involvement in personal academic and social activities. Friday hours are shortened to accommodate studying, after-school assistance and attendance for clubs or athletics.

8:00am - 3:00pm

8:00am - 1:00pm


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