Listed below you will find Walden’s four overarching goals and their corresponding strategies; these goals outline the future of our school’s development. Their implementation signifies the progressive evolution of Walden’s educational mission and institutional growth.


Strategic Goals and Strategies

1. Provide fiscal responsibility by ensuring a balanced budget that supports both short and long-term operations as well as funding for strategic priorities

  • 1.1 Grow the Walden Fund by a minimum of 10% per year

  • 1.2 Develop an endowment campaign

  • 1.3 Expand grant writing

  • 1.4 Explore other revenue streams for school beyond tuition and existing fundraising events

2. Lead the evolution, strengthening, and honing of our educational philosophy and curriculum

  • 2.1 Strengthen experiential learning foundation in Walden’s curriculum that focuses on project-based learning, hands-on activities, and inquiry-based educational models

  • 2.2 Strengthen support for social-emotional and service learning to reinforce Walden’s core values

  • 2.3 Further develop and promote unique programs and advanced curriculum/class offerings, especially in the Lower and Middle school divisions

  • 2.4 Explore curriculum and schedule changes that would allow Walden to offer unique programs in comparison with competitor schools

3. Provide for a facility that supports collaboration, safety, essential technology, comfortable surroundings, and excellence in learning

  • 3.1  Create budget for incremental capital expenditures for the purpose of drawing attention and interest from the community

  • 3.2  Elevate the importance of facilities maintenance

  • 3.3  Ensure the campus expansion plan provides for student growth expectation and proper space utilization

  • 3.4  Implement facility and technological improvements that support curriculum innovation

4. Create an exemplary work environment by identifying, developing, supporting, and retaining highly competent and nurturing educational professionals

  • 4.1 Formalize a pay/benefits structure that is more competitive and sustainable for current and future faculty  

  • 4.2  Ensure faculty is properly supported in the areas of student social, emotional, and academic needs

  • 4.3  Create a division specific core faculty that are solely responsible for teaching and curriculum development