High School Week


At Walden, we believe that every student should embrace who they are and celebrate their differences. As part of our initiatives to bring inclusivity and diversity to Walden, we have partnered with an organization called Be Strong. Two of our current 11th graders – Sofia Sofia Veroslavsky-DeLatorre and Ella Beames – have been our representatives and club leaders for the past three years and we continue to add to the strength and culture of this club. 

We are excited to announce that we will be celebrating our second annual Be Strong Week in the high school beginning Monday, October 21! What is the purpose of this week? It is to discover truths about bullying, learn strategies of how to handle situations, and to be motivated to make changes to create safe spaces in our community not only at Walden but St. Matthews and Louisville as a whole. We will be watching a simulcast of the national Be Strong conference on Tuesday and get active with some team building and role play situations on Thursday.

We will be holding two mix it up lunches in which students will be encouraged to talk to those that they might not normally talk to and get to know more about some of the awesome people that are at Walden. Off-campus lunch will not be available on those days in an effort to build the culture and community up in Walden.

The following theme days will help spread awareness of some key ideas of Be Strong so we hope that you actively participate!

Monday, October 21: Superhero Day

Maybe it’s Superman or Wonder Woman, or maybe its a doctor or firefighter, but we all have heroes in our life that we strive to be like! Today is the day to celebrate heroes big and small that impact our lives.

Tuesday, October 22: Pajama Day

Rub that sleep out of your eyes and come on in to school! We all need to take care of ourselves and today is no different. Today we discuss how our mental health is just as important as our physical health and that taking care of our emotions helps us to perform better academically.

Wednesday, October 23: Opposite Day

What would it be like if you were to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Would your view of the world or that person change? Today is the day to find out. Maybe this is dressing like a friend or a teacher, maybe it is dressing as a different clique or gender, but however you dress, remember it is about celebrating the culture of the person you pick, not belittling or mocking them; keep it classy!

Thursday, October 24: Meme Day

Ahhh, the internet. How we both love and hate this impressive tool of the digital age. Social media and memes can just as easily be a tool for hate as they can for good. Today we will discuss cyberbullying and how we can rise above the influence and use the internet to spread positivity instead. Keep in mind that today is all about positivity and your meme/vine/trend should celebrate this. Time to dust off your keyboard cat or Thanos car costumes!

Friday, October 25: Monster Mash

Booooooooo! Tonight is the WPA Sponsored Monster Mash, so time to show off those awesome costumes! Today is all about celebrating our quirks and going back to simpler times. When we were young, we weren’t afraid to wear what we wanted for fear of being made fun of! We were comfortable in our own skin; time to show that we can still be comfortable ...even if it’s in the skin of a monster!

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