2nd & 7th Grade Greek Festival

Thursday, February 1

The Greek Festival is a 2nd Grade and 7th Grade event in which the two grades gather for a study and celebration of Ancient Greek Culture. The students learn about Ancient Greece at the same time during the school year, so this activity provides a good cross-divisional experience for the students. This year, it will take place on February 1 from 12:45- 2:30pm.

The events begin in the gym with the Greek Olympics, a series of games held between the "City-States" of Greece represented by groups of 2nd and 7th Graders. They participate in exciting events such as the javelin toss, chariot race and more. Then, the festivities move down the hallway to the Tucker Assembly Hall, as the 7th Graders teach the 2nd Graders about Greek gods and goddesses, while displaying representations of different types of Greek columns they have made in preparation for the festival.

The 7th Graders will then perform plays that they authored based on Aesop's Fables, a series of short stories written by the ancient Greek writer Aesop. To finish off the festival, the 2nd and 7th Graders will sit down together for a Greek feast with many tasty Greek foods.

The students look forward to this annual event. Please join us!