Walden Academic Standards

Walden provides students with an engaging and academically rigorous learning experience. We know that every student learns differently and develops at his or her own pace. Focusing on a highly individualized learning atmosphere, small classroom sizes and consistently updated curriculum, we instill students with abilities and confidence to excel beyond the classroom. 

Walden School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law in any decision regarding employment, admissions, financial aid, athletics, educational policies or any other school-administered program.



Kindergarten - 4th Grade


5th - 8th Grade


9th - 12th Grade



• Demonstrate a willingness to work hard

• Appreciate and respect diversity in classmates

• Are college-bound and motivated

• Respond well to personal attention from teachers

• Are of average to above-average ability

• Are respectful and demonstrate sensitivity to others

• Thrive in an environment with encouragement to make good choices


5th-12th Grade

Student Academic Support Program


Individualized plans for learning

The Middle and High School Student Academic Support Center supports the needs of 5th-12th Grade students who require extra assistance and support in the classroom. Our Student Support Plans (SSPs) provide valuable information to teachers, students, parents, and staff to help build effective working relationships in the classroom, as well as help our students build a pattern of self-advocacy.


The Walden Journey Begins Here


From Kindergarten through fourth grade, Students are encouraged to be free thinkers, artists, scientists, Technologists and scholars. Their formative years of education are guided by exceptional faculty and learning opportunities.



Walden students are encouraged to participate in top academic competitions and extracurriculars. From acceptance into the Governor's Scholars Program and winning titles at Jr. KUNA, to claiming top Scholastic Art Awards, our students consistently prove their merit outside of school.


Burgeoning Scholars


Middle schoolers are engaged with an exciting curriculum focused on arts and s.T.E.M disciplines. stepping Beyond High School Preparation, students are encouraged to develop personal abilities and interests that will augment their academic and extracurricular experience.

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Walden Fine and Performing Arts

Arts education is an integral component of academic achievement and of Walden’s curriculum. Walden School recognizes the potential for each student to excel in the fine arts:  visual arts, music, and drama. The developmentally-appropriate curriculum is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills, techniques, and knowledge to participate in the arts.  Our K-12 program encourages creativity as well aesthetic appreciation.


Preparing for College Success


from ap courses to capstone service projects, high schoolers push the boundaries of academia and community involvement. they take the most up-to-date college preparatory courses and are heavily involved in both school and community life. Walden graduates are instilled with taking responsibility For their own success.


k-12 Service learning & leadership


service beyond the classroom

Walden considers its commitment to community service an integral part of the school's educational philosophy and curriculum. Our service learning activities foster compassion, reflection and collaboration, supporting the school’s core values of community, respect and responsibility. Through individual, small group, and school-wide acts of service, we promote a strong credence for a lifelong responsibility in giving back to those in need.


Walden Admissions

Become a Wolverine

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