PARENT Educational presentation

Is your child on social media?  Are they glued to a smartphone or tablet?  Then you need to come to this presentation because although these can be powerful tools, with great power comes great responsibility! This presentation is called “Social Media Land Mines” because, like with a land mine, you might not see the danger coming until it’s too late. Parents need to know the latest trends and potential dangers and best practices to help their children navigate around these potential dangers.

For most parents, social media is overwhelming. There are thousands of apps and it’s a moving target; what is popular today is out tomorrow. During this highly interactive presentation you will learn simple techniques and receive powerful resources to help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and apps to keep your kids safe.

Whether you are tech savvy or have no idea what this whole “social media” stuff is about; whether your child is even using social media (yet) or if they are about to graduate high school, this presentation has something for all parents. You will not only leave this presentation understanding the potential issues, but with a variety of simple tips and tricks to help guide your child and promote responsible posting.


Parents will learn about:

Technology addiction and why it’s important to set limits.

Social media anxiety – what it is and to remember it’s not always about the “likes”.

Cyber bullying & hateful posting – why it’s so easy, why it’s so serious, and what to do if you see it.

Safety issues – posting too much personal information, online predators (who they are, who they target, and how they work), online challenges.

Sexting (only discuss when age appropriate) – potential consequences on reputation & possible legal consequences

Your digital reputation and who’s looking? (colleges, scholarships, coaches, employers, etc.)


About Robert Hackenson jr.

Get ready to be edutained! Robert Hackenson Jr. is a professional speaker and “edutainer” that infuses lectures with magic and illusions designed to reinforce the lessons. With over a decade of experience speaking to youth, parents, and professionals, he has now spoken in 46 states across the country, several provinces in Canada, and around the world (as far as Australia). His unique skills have also earned him numerous appearances on Fox News, PBS, and several other local media outlets.